Sustainable system solutions for industry with µchiller process

Implementing sustainable system solutions for
industries through the integration of the µChiller process


The recent official announcement on the phase-down of HFCs by the European Council and Parliament is aimed at strictly limiting the use of fluorinated gases, so as to reduce their emissions into the atmosphere and the consequent rise in global temperatures: this means new dynamics from a technological point of view, due to the ever-increasing adoption of low-GWP refrigerants, such as propane.

CAREL is ready to face the current challenges and opportunities that are arising in industry, in particular in the process industry, offering μChiller Process for the small and medium-sized process chiller market, as well as advanced programmable controllers for larger process chillers.

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Ready to use with natural refrigerants (also A3 ready).


Compact, small footprint (from complete controller in the panel version to the DIN rail version)


Complete and ready-to-use solution for all circuits by integrating µchiller process into the vast range of CAREL products.



Industrial automation and the advent of Industry 4.0 have progressively improved plant productivity by making it possible to control most of the stages of production.
However, not all auxiliary systems are designed to be completely managed via supervisors: these include process chillers, which are often stand-alone units or operated by a simple remote ON/OFF signal. To improve access for service, as well as for the chiller manufacturer, CAREL has prepared a new series of video tutorials for µChiller Process, guiding users through the most important operations for interaction with the controller, via mobile phone, including viewing and managing the fundamental unit parameters.



Two independent control loops and PID with autotuning (3-way mixing valve, modulating pump for constant pressure, etc.).


Hot gas bypass control via solenoid valve (ON-OFF or modulating via SSR) or ExV. Second valve management with EVD mini or external EVD EVO.


Storage management via auxiliary sensors (minimum level control, preheating, heating, etc).


ExV closed even in the event of a power failure, thanks to the Ultracap module (to avoid flooding the evaporator).


Lightweight and compact user interface, featuring backlit buttons and NFC (Bluetooth optional) for optimum usability via app.


Compressor envelope control to ensure reliability and service continuity.


μChiller Process can therefore be easily integrated into bundle solutions, ready to be used by unit manufacturers to achieve the required objectives in terms of high efficiency, safety and electrical compliance, as well as fulfil the latest technical requirements for industrial HVAC applications, requirements that will also shape the future of the market.