Hecu sistema


Real-time energy optimization

through continuous data exchange with the showcases (MPXPRO)

System energy efficiency is in large part the result of serial connection between pRack Hecu and the MPXPRO controllers on the showcases. Knowledge of the real-time operating conditions of each showcase means the condensing unit can implement advanced energy saving algorithms and at the same time boost performance of the entire system. A maximum of five showcases can be served, in both medium and low temperature applications.





Excellent performance at part loads

with BLDC technology and the power+ inverter

The use of DC compressors guarantees higher energy efficiency compared to any other available technology, with a very wide range of cooling capacity modulation.

DC technology also features low noise, an excellent power-size ratio, low maintenance and long working life, due to the reduced number of ON-OFF cycles.

CAREL guarantees full control of the unit, with many software functions designed to allow the compressor to work in ideal conditions, ensuring maximum reliability.


Very high quality food preservation

thanks to fine control ensured by synchronization between system components

With Hecu sistema, condensing unit operation constantly reflects the demand of each unit connected to it.

The condensing unit adapts dynamically to real conditions (floating-suction and floating-condensing), while the E2V valves adjust refrigerant flow on the units fitted with MPXPRO controllers.

This fine control minimizes fluctuations in stored food temperature even in the most critical stages, such as when defrosting or in response to variations in load, ensuring the best possible conditions for food preservation.





System reliability

Hecu sistema improves oil return to DC compressors even at low operating speed.

Hecu sistema manages DC compressors with the focus on reliability, adopting a series of software functions aimed at improving oil return to the compressor.
Serial communication with the showcases also allows action to be taken directly on the evaporators, thus managing oil return even more effectively.


Extensive usability

Fast configuration, easy commissioning and an advanced user interface are all strengths of the Hecu sistema.

Hecu sistema is designed with usability in mind. pRack Hecu comes with a wizard to assist unit configuration, and a fast commissioning procedure that automatically pre-configures the connection to the showcases, and the related control algorithms.