The new family of connected programmable controllers


The c.pCO controller family represents the evolution of pCO5+ towards unprecedented networking capabilities.
Thanks to a Multitasking Operating System and the adoption of standard protocols, local and remote connectivity are the key innovation of the new c.pCO system.



Integrated Ethernet Interfaces

Two built-in 10/100 MB/s switched ports.
Build networks without external switches.
Wide range of integrated services.

Integrated USB interface

Two built-in USB 2.0 standard ports.
USB Host for storage devices.
USB Devices for PC connection.

BMS & Field Bus connectivity

Two built-in RS485 interfaces.
Expandable with two additional optional cards.
Multitasking independent protocol engines.

Flexible I/O

Up to 10 Universal I/O channels.
CAREL ASIC proprietary silicon technology.



New Operating system

New Multitasking Operating System.
New Virtual Machine for application logic.
Optimal usage of onboard system resources.