CAREL in the world


The company is consolidated internationally (80% of sales are made outside of Italy), and operates both directly through subsidiaries and an organization that is present in around eighty countries.

Since the early nineties, CAREL has been operating abroad through a number of subsidiaries. Currently, these are:

  • CAREL France: the first foreign subsidiary, opened in Lyon in 1992, and maintains the French, Belgian and Luxembourg markets.
  • CAREL Deutschland: German subsidiary established in 1996, handles the German, Austrian and Swiss markets.
  • CAREL Sud America: founded in 1998, handles the Brazilian market. Since 2010 it is also a production site.
  • CAREL UK: also founded in 1998, manages the British and Irish markets.
  • CAREL Asia: opened in 2000, covers the entire east Asian market, except for China.
  • CAREL Australia: established in 2001, this subsidiary coordinates business in the Australian and New Zealand markets.
  • CAREL USA: also founded in 2001, deals with the North American and Mexican markets, as well as operating a production site.
  • CAREL Electronic (Suzhou): opened at the end of 2005, this is a production site located in Suzhou (Jiangsu region, around 100 km from Shanghai). Also includes a sales office for the Chinese market (PRC).
  • CAREL Ibérica: established in 2007 to cover the Spanish and Portuguese markets, its headquarters are in Barcelona, with a local office in Madrid.
  • CAREL India: founded in 2008, covers the Indian market, based in Mumbai.
  • CAREL South Africa: acquired in 2008, deals with the South African market and is based in Johannesburg.
  • CAREL Russia: in 2009 a representative office was opened in Russia. This was the starting point for the establishment, in 2010, of the new Group subsidiary "Carel Russia Llc", with headquarters in St. Petersburg and an office in Moscow.
  • CAREL Korea: opened at the end of 2009, this representative office manages the refrigeration, air-conditioning and humidification markets in Korea.
  • CAREL Nordic: established in 2013, this subsidiary manages HVAC/R business in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland and Estonia.
  • CAREL Middle East, established in 2014.
  • CAREL Mexicana, founded in 2015.
  • CAREL Thailand opened in 2015, in Bangkok.
  • Alfaco Polska, established in 1993, in Wroclaw and acquired in 2017.
  • CAREL Japan, acquired in 2018.
  • Recuperator S.p.A., italian company active in the design, production and consumption of "air-to-air" heat exchangers, acquired in 2018.
  • HygroMatik GmbH, company which designs, produces and markets humidifiers and related accessories near Hamburg, acquired in 2018.
  • CAREL Ukraineacquired in 2019.
  • Enersol, canadian distributor of humidification systems, acquired in 2019.
  • Enginiaitalian company which designs, produces and markets dampers and other plastic and metal components for air handling units, acquired in 2021.
  • Arion S.r.l., italian company which develops sensors for the air conditioning and refrigeration sectors, acquired in 2022.
  • Sauber, italian company which provides field installation and support services for cooling/humidification systems, acquired in 2022.
  • Klingenburg, leader in the production of rotary and plate heat exchangers, acquired in 2022.
  • Senva, american company specialised in the design and manufacture of sensors, acquired in 2022.
  • Eurotec, New Zealand distributor and system integrator, acquired in 2023.
  • Kiona, a leading Norway-based Software as a Service (“SaaS”) provider of prop-tech solutions, acquired in 2023.

The CAREL Group subsidiaries operate directly in their reference geographic area, while coming under the umbrella of headquarters both departmentally and as regards company hierarchy. Moreover, CAREL has created two "virtual" subsidiaries: CAREL Italy and CAREL Central & Southern Europe. The "virtual" subsidiaries operate in all countries that are not managed directly by the other Group subsidiaries.

In addition these, the company also has special commercial relationships with its "affiliates". Currently these are: CAREL Turkey, CAREL Ireland, CAREL Spol (it covers the Czech and Slovak markets) and Carel Japan. The affiliates are coordinated by one of the subsidiaries, based on its geographic location. The subsidiaries also deal with customer support and the customization of software for HVAC/R applications upon customer request; compared to our competitors, our strategy is to operate in and support the markets through a sales network that is as direct as possible at a global level. For this reason, the CAREL sales network is completed by dozens of agents and distributors located all over the world, which report directly to their reference subsidiary.