Field Services

Field services

Through its on-site services, CAREL is always on hand to support customers in all of the activities relating to its products and HVAC/R systems, through both its own specialist technical personnel and a network of qualified and certified partners across the world. 

The solutions for CAREL’s control products include a vast portfolio of configurations for the commissioning services, optimized and diversified for the different needs of each individual customer. 

For humidification products, the solutions available allow CAREL to guarantee correct operation of the units throughout their entire life cycle, through commissioning services, multi-year maintenance contracts, original spare parts and warranty extensions. 

For an even more competitive and efficient proposal, all CAREL in-field service solutions can also be integrated with digital services to offer customers the best possible experience. 



The peace of mind of having a system that is working perfectly can be ensured by having it commissioned by someone who knows the product. 
CAREL provides a portfolio of commissioning services, all performed by specialists in the different applications, who verify and set the optimal configuration of the HVAC/R system so as to guarantee not only correct operation, but also the highest system performance
CAREL solutions for commissioning services are available for humidification and refrigeration systems


Humidifier commissioning

Commissioning carried out by humidification experts, chosen and trained by CAREL, ensures correct configuration of the products, offering the peace of mind that the product is working optimally and the certainty that the manufacturer’s warranty is valid.
CAREL also supports customers with pre-installation site visits, meeting the designer and installer where necessary so as to verify the correct conditions of the site where the humidification system is installed. 

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Assisted refrigeration systems commissioning

CAREL experts in control devices and IoT technologies can provide support for the commissioning of refrigeration systems, local supervisors and Cloud portals

Having experts configure the system in retail applications ensures the best settings needed to achieve the desired temperature ranges.

Correct configuration of the local supervisors means safe management of alarms, reports in compliance with regulations (e.g. HACCP) and optimizes system operating costs


Commissioning of the Cloud portals guarantees correct configuration of the architecture, right communication with local supervisors, correct management of notifications and dashboards, as well as optimized site supervision and management through the Premium service, which includes custom configurations based on the specific needs of the individual customer. 




Humidifier maintenance services

CAREL and its services network of humidification experts are available at all times to provide in-field support for the humidifiers.

The CAREL offering includes both planned preventive maintenance plans and unscheduled service and remedial repairs such as product functional restoring  and repair interventions, as well as targeted analysis of unit performance, configuration and operation. 


Planned Preventive Maintenance

CAREL planned preventive maintenance contracts include specific annual maintenance plans based on the humidifier model, resulting from CAREL’s experience as a manufacturer; the maintenance operations envisaged in each plan ensure the product will remain in optimal working conditions, not only guaranteeing functional performance over time, but also limiting any unexpected malfunctions

Products entrusted to CAREL for maintenance retain their original conditions over time; indeed, only original spare parts are used for any intervention. Furthermore, CAREL handles all of the logistical aspects relating to maintenance, from the delivery of spare parts to organisation of each individual intervention. 
CAREL planned preventive maintenance contracts also guarantee certain response times, as well as the possibility to integrate the in-field services with digital services. DigitalHUM is in fact CAREL’s Cloud offering for the remote management of humidifiers.

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Unscheduled service and Remedial Repairs

Even customers who have not signed a maintenance contract can rely on CAREL for unscheduled service and remedial repairs: from simply restoring unit operation, to repairs and analysis of performance, configuration and operation.

Experts in HVAC/R systems can carry out analysis aimed at optimizing energy performance or ensuring control stability. Depending on the operating conditions, the proposals may include changes to the configurations of the systems or upgrading the units, and even their replacement. 

On the other hand, should unexpected malfunctions occur, prompt and reliable analysis performed by an expert can mean a quick solution for restoring product operation. From analysis of the problem to organisation of the intervention and the supply of spare parts where needed, CAREL offers a complete, turnkey proposal. 


Humidifier Warranty Extension

CAREL offers a one-year extended warranty on its humidification products. 

Throughout the entire product warranty period, CAREL provides direct support through its own personnel and its specialist service network, as well as original CAREL spare parts. 

The warranty is only valid when the commissioning and planned preventive maintenance services are provided by CAREL.


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