ir33+ platform NA

ir33+ platform NA
  • General characteristics

    The new ir33+ range of controllers fulfills the main needs required of refrigeration controllers: a simple appearance, extremely intuitive yet highly attractive, featuring a completely flat surface that makes it easy to clean and ensures an excellent level of hygiene.

  • Plus

    • Flat: The surface of the controllers is perfectly flat and thin, allowing easy cleaning and ensuring the highest level of hygiene, in complete compliance with HACCP standards. Carel can customize the controllers for manufacturers of refrigerated showcases and cabinets based on their own applications. The new appearance and new types of assembly mean the controllers can be better integrated into the refrigeration unit, giving a decidedly more attractive and elegant end result.
    • Intuitive: ir33+ features a new interface. The ON/OFF function and an alarm icon have been added, and the buzzer can be muted directly. The main functions are highlighted, such as set point display and auxiliary output activation, while other less frequent functions for the end user, such as installation parameter settings, are in the background. The new display, 27% larger than the ir33 and powercompact, is also used on the wide models: ir33+ wide and ir33+ small wide.
    • Touch: The keypad is touch sensitive. This new technology allows the possibility to create custom user interfaces based on different application rather than aesthetic requirements. This feature, as well as guaranteeing better hygiene, also improves the appearance of the controllers, bringing it in line with the latest electronic instruments.
    • ir33+ is the natural evolution of the ir33; these are infact compatible in terms of firmware, parameters, dimensions and wiring diagrams.
    • ir33+ wide is the extension of the ir33+ range, and is compatible in terms of firmware, parameters, dimensions and wiring diagrams with Powercompact wide (standard and small).
    • ir33+ and ir33+ wide represent the new CAREL offering for the distribution segment, which demands controllers that are reliable, flexible and readily available. Just a few part numbers cover all market applications and allow simple stock management.