What's refrigeration?
Powersplit Series NA
Refrigeration is the process involving a reduction in the temperature of fluids or bodies in general. Specifically it's used for temporary storage of perishable goods, at temperatures down to -60 °C.

powersplit series NA

powersplit series NA
  • General characteristics

    Powersplit is a range of products for multiplexed cabinets fitted with on-board compressors. These comprise a main board for controlling the actuators, with 4 or 6 relay outputs, and a user terminal with 3-digit LED display. They are designed to reduce wiring and the related power components; the power board has been designed so as to eliminate the wiring terminal block. Main features include: optical light sensor, power relay, and HACCP event monitoring thanks to the optional clock card. Powersplit can multiplexed manage defrosts (up to 6 units) across a LAN, connecting the power boards via a serial line. As well as defrosts, the local network also makes it possible to centralize controls and alarms.