iJM for merchandisers

iJM for merchandisers
  • General characteristics

    iJM is the specific family of controllers for merchandisers, including bottle coolers, ice cream chest freezers and other commercial cabinets.
    iJM has been designed to be installed on OEM refrigeration units, offering a new platform supported by CAREL’s more than thirty years of know-how in the refrigeration controller sector.


    iJM is compatible with the "Harbor" platform from "Vision IoT", the most popular IoT service platform in the world of merchandisers.


    Aggregated data from all of the installed coolers are available on specific and customisable dashboards, representing valuable sales and marketing analysis tools and thus making iJM the benchmark in the merchandisers segment.


    Available with different aesthetic combinations, the iJM controller can become an active part of the appeal to the customer, making it a marketing tool that enhances the aesthetics of the unit it is installed on.


    The hardware customisation possibilities for the iJ platform are aimed at maximising performance in terms of energy saving though various different solutions, such as VCC compressors controlled via serial, modulating outputs and humidity management.


    Specific algorithms for merchandisers are already included in the iJM software. ECO MODE adjusts the cooler temperature automatically without the need to unplug it from the power supply, making sure the products are kept at the best serving temperature throughout the day, while at night the temperature set point is increased and the lights are switched off. Another example of a specific algorithm for merchandiser applications is filtering of the cooler temperature display, ensuring the displayed value remains stable without brief fluctuations when the door is opened.


    Know more: ij.carel.com

  • Plus


    Each iJM is fitted with an NFC memory tag that allows the unit to be programmed even when the controller is off and not connected to the mains power supply. An optional Bluetooth® antenna can also be installed for monitoring variables in real time and accessing the device’s internal memory and therefore its operating data (temperature log and usage diagnostics). To comply with the requirements of the HACCP protocol and best manage sales and marketing information, iJM offers high-speed data export from the internal memory to a smartphone, a huge improvement compared to the previous system.

    Dedicated IoT

    iJM can be used to expand the connectivity offering to remote cloud services. Dashboards can be generated for monitoring aggregate data relating to all of the connected coolers, both for sales and marketing analysis and for planning preventive maintenance.
    Thanks to the optional Bluetooth® antenna, iJM enables the IoT services offered by the “Harbor” platform from “Vision IoT”. 


    The controller’s aesthetics can be customised regarding both the graphics and colours. Coloured digits and faceplates with different textures to better integrate iJ into the cabinet. The three capacitive technology buttons on the display can be customised in terms of design and functions to suit specific applications.

    Energy Saving

    With dedicated hardware options, the iJM family can manage variable-capacity compressors (VCC), up to two modulating devices for dimming lights or variable-speed fans, or even frequency-controlled compressors, so as to significantly improve the cooler’s energy performance. Specific algorithms for managing merchandiser logic, developed based on years of experience in the field, reduce cooler power consumption and thus minimise energy costs.


    The high index of protection (IP65) means iJM can be installed even in aggressive and humid environments, while the frameless and flat front panel with integrated gasket ensures quick and durable assembly. iJM can operate on coolers all over the world, thanks to the 115/230 Vac switching power supply that works with an extended range of mains voltages.


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  • Technical Leaflets
    Code Description Language Date * Release
    Code +0500155ML
    Description iJM ADVANCED PANEL SMALL VERSION Merchandiser
    Language ENG  ITA 
    Date 30/03/2022
    Release 2.1
    Code +0500157ML
    Description iJM ADVANCED SPLIT SMALL VERSION Merchandiser
    Language ENG  ITA 
    Date 30/03/2022
    Release 2.1
    Code +0500159ML
    Description iJM ADVANCED HMI VERSION Merchandiser
    Language ENG  ITA 
    Date 30/03/2022
    Release 2.1


  • Brochure
    Code Description Language Date * Release
    Code +3000227IT
    Description iJm per Merchandisers. Soluzioni avanzate di controllo per beverage coolers con opzioni di connettività
    Language ITA 
    Date 18/10/2021
    Release 1.0
    Code +3000227EN
    Description iJmf for Merchandisers. Advanced control solutions for beverage coolers with connectivity options
    Language ENG 
    Date 18/10/2021
    Release 1.0


  • High resolution images
    Code Description Language Date * Release
    Code PH20LIJ30H-iJ-m
    Description iJ-CAREL-Refrigeration Parametric Controls-iJ platform
    Language ALL 
    Date 03/09/2021
    Release R.0