Humidification Research Center


CAREL Headquarters is home to a research center for air humidification and evaporative cooling systems.
Part of the center is used as a showroom, where we demonstrate our standard range of humidifiers to customers, distributors and designers. The research center was established for a simple yet important reason: to provide practical training to everyone who needs to use these systems in the field, from service centers and installers, to end users. 
The value of our research center lies in the fact that the humidifiers on display can be put into operation, and the parameters modified. This allows users to immediately understand the effects of such modifications on the actual humidifier itself, as well as on air humidity control and, where necessary, cooling. For CAREL, our humidification research center is a way to help meet the needs of different users: by setting the parameters according to specific requirements, the right balance can be found for every situation. CAREL is a research partner whose aim is to optimize the outcome, focusing on the objective of energy saving at all times. 
At the research center, the humidifiers on show can also be opened to reveal their internal construction and carry out maintenance.
Currently, there are five different types of humidifiers and two evaporative coolers available. 
The showroom has been set up next to the Humidification research center, and uses the same AHU for carrying out tests and measurements. The AHU can be used to study, for example, the operation and benefits of the humiFog installed in ducts using the rack available in the showroom; in this case, bookings need to be made in advance (1 month), as the AHU is normally used for R&D work.
Finally, the research center also hosts theoretical and practical courses on humidification topics. The study materials are constantly updated, and the list of courses can be extended or adapted to meet the needs of participants and CAREL.