Electrical panel for AHU

Electrical panel for AHU
  • General characteristics

    In this complex modern society, personal welfare and comfort are of crucial importance. Correct humidification, besides reducing suspended dust, allows people in closed environments to breathe well, without problems resulting from dryness of primary airways. The reduction in skin evaporation due to correct humidification also reduces the sensation of cold and, consequently, the temperature can be reduced, thus saving on heating and limiting the dispersion of heat between indoor and outdoor areas. Air handling units are made up of different components, each one responsible for a specific process. Modularity is the most obvious characteristic of handling units, as these appliances are designed and sized based on specific requirements. Over the course of the year, these units can perform various functions:

    • mixing, filtering and movement between recirculated air and outdoor air;
    • air pre- and re-heating
    • air cooling
    • air humidification and dehumidification

    During the winter season, dry air increases the level of dust present in the air. With correct humidification, the quality of indoor air can be improved by reducing the concentration of dust due to less fragmentation of fibers as well as a greater tendency for the particles to collect together and thus be more easily filtered. Office buildings often also include areas used for other activities. This makes designing systems and energy distribution more complex and creates a need for integration in order to optimize running costs. The well-being of people in the workplace is fundamental for improved productivity. However personal comfort is not the only application.
    A stable environment with the correct conditons is essential in order to preserve costly art works and objects over time. If the canvas constantly changes size, the painting, whose dimensions remain the same, will be irreversibly damaged. Wood and parchment objects would also be destroyed in a short amount of time if dryness in the environment starts to make them crack.