humiSonic: efficiency in evolution

The new range of ultrasonic humidifiers


The humiSonic family has been upgraded and expanded.

Guaranteed operating hours

maximum reliability and minimum maintenance.

Power consumption

compared to a steam humidifier.

Droplet size

complete absorption occurs practically instantaneously.


humiSonic ventilation

humiSonic for air handling units provides adiabatic humidification even in compact-sized ducts.

Installed directly in the air stream, humiSonic atomizes water into very fine droplets (1 µm), which are instantly absorbed.

When supplying humiSonic with demineralized water by reverse osmosis, the piezoelectric transducers operate for more than 10,000 hours before needing replacement!



humiSonic compact

humisonic compact

Alongside the small version for fan coils and showcases (up to 1 kg/h) are the versions for direct humidification in rooms (up to 8 kg/h) and for application in ducts (up to 18 kg/h).



humiSonic direct

The features of the new humiSonic for rooms, such as its compact size and efficiency, highlight its versatility. It is suitable for every type of application: datacenters, museums, offices, printing facilities and cold stores are some of its typical uses.

humiSonic is a single solution comprising both the control panel/power supply and the air humidity probe. It can also be easily integrated into a BMS via an external signal (for example 0 to 10 V, 4 to 20 mA) or via a serial connection using the Modbus protocol.




the meeting point of performance and energy savings


Energy saving

Thanks to its very low energy consumption (around 90 W per litre of atomized water), humiSonic is the ideal solution for humidity control in datacenters and all applications in which saving energy is crucial.

Hygiene and precision

The components that are in contact with the demineralized water are made from stainless steel, and there is no stagnation of water at the end of the humidification cycle in the main body. In addition, the electronic controller activates periodical washing cycles if the system remains inactive.

Total hygiene, combined with guaranteed precision of ±1%RH around the humidity control set point, make humiSonic ideal for more critical applications, such as cleanrooms.

Mission Critical DNA

By running humiSonic on demineralized water, the only routine maintenance operation required is replacement of the piezoelectric transducers every 10,000 operating hours: service continuity.